Game Changer Twins 2019

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Gun List for 2017

Make Model Caliber
Kimber Pro CDP II 45ACP
Browning 1911-22 221r
Springfield XD Mod 2 Compact 40S&W
S&W M&P Shield PC 9
Remington RM380 380
Ruger American 9mm
Taurus Judge 45/410
Ruger Single Six 221r/22mag
North American Arms Pug 22 Mag
Remington 1911R1Cmdr 45Acp
Springfield XD45 45Acp
Springfield Xd 9 9mm
Glock 19 9mm
Glock 23 40S&W
Mossberg 590 Tact 12
Remington 870 Express 12
Ruger 10/22  Pink 221r
Ruger American Rimfire Wood 221r
Bushmaster XM-15 5.56
Ruger American Compact All Weather 243 win
Ruger American 30-06
Ruger Gun Sight Scout 5.56
Ruger 77 Hawkeye 243 win
Henry H001y 221r
Savage 25 17 Hornet
Kimber Montana 84L 25-06
Remington 700 Tact 223
Winchester 70 280
Remington 700 Mountain Rifle 308
Ruger 10/22RB 221r

2014 Harris Field

2014 Harris Field

2018-2019 Executive Board

Elections for the 2018-2019 L-C American Legion Baseball Executive Board were held at the annual meeting and the new/returning officers are:

President: Patti Meshishnek*
Past President: Tom Woods*
Vice President: Angie Stamper*
Secretary: Derrick Ater
Treasurer: Steve Moore*
Members at Large: Brad Hart*, Warren Beckman*

*denotes returning member

Thanks to all for their commitment!

Annual Steak Out!

Our event was a success! A Big Thank you for all that attended. All items donated were a success and we appreciate everyone that donated. Thank you to all our volunteers and the time spent working on this event.